Welcome to Team Dynomite

SAXMAX 2013 Team Space &'Arrive and Drive' available,

Team Dynomite are pleased to anounce they will be competing in the 2013 SaxMax Championship, whilst maintaining their karting roots

Rookie drivers Adam Hatfield, Tom Parker and James Dorlin have been joined by seasoned SaxMax campaigner George Streather for the the 2013 championship.

Running as a 4 car team we have 1 'Arrive and Drive' package and 1 owner driver space available.

Please email info@teamdynomite.co.uk for further details. Or call 0800 612 6977

Fancy a test? We have 3 fully prepared cars just waiting to go!

We will be organising 'Saxmax Live', test days throughout 2013 email or call for details.

Team Dynomite in conjunction with http://www.sportdevices.co.uk/ have their own in-house rolling road, engine dyno, shock absorber dyno and a newly developed Flowbench. These tools coupled with 30 experience in motorsport will offer a formidable package.

Team Dynomite's Karting team are offering subsidised drives for the 2013 season in the Super 1 and SYKC championships, please send your CV to info@teamdynomite.co.uk

The Karting season so far! Following on from Tom Parkers 2011 Championship win, Dynomite driver James Dorlin took the 2012 SYKC Cadet Championship, setting lap records along the way. Novice cadet drivers Finlay Bunce showed exellent lap times and will be in a good position to challenge for the 2013 title, Minimax driver Billy Granger took a strong 2nd in the SYKC in the championship, Chris Haigh and Tom Parkerwould be up there with Billy had they not missed a couple of round each.

So if you fancy progressing from Karts to Cars email info@teamdynomite.co.uk